Won a Snow Halation Maki Nesoberi from the series Love Live! feelsgoodman


I love cute anime girls with ribbons uwu

Took me about 3 tries.

This win was special because I was able to win it for free since the game was holding a special event during August 30-31 (JST) so they gave everyone 3 free play tickets. I saw that the machine had a very high win rate at the time so I took advantage of the situation before they ran out of stock. I'll post a pic when it gets shipped to my house in 1-4 weeks. Compare that to the time I had won a Snow Halation Umi Nesoberi which it took me various tries before I had finally won (spent about $30 which is still a steal since Snow Umis can go as high as $60)

If anyone cares, I could also post my other wins. So far I've won about 20 items including figurines, posters, and other nesoberis/plushies from other anime.
Nice win! I wouldn't mind seeing the others.

All my crane game prizes are from US machines, so they're poorly made stuffed animals.