New to Internet Forums, A Quick Start Guide


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Kireina Yuri is a community that allows you to discuss about Yuri and Girls Club anime. If you haven't use Internet Forums, this thread will help. Each forum allows you to discuss about a certain topic in posts called Threads. To leave a reply, use the reply form on the bottom of the thread. You can also quote other users by clicking the reply button by their posts.
In a thread, you are able to edit your posts by clicking the edit link on your post. You can also delete your post by clicking the delete link. If there are posts that violate the rules, click the report button and specify the reason.

You can also leave messages on other people's profiles by clicking on their profile link and post a message on their page.

If there is a topic that is not being discussed in the form, you may create a thread. You can do this in the forum index and clicking the Post Thread button in the forum index or inside a forum. You are able to create your own thread and even create a poll by expanding the "Create a Poll" section, specifying questions and answers.

How do I specify an Avatar or modify my profile?

You can do this by clicking your username on the top menubar and click Account Details. From there, you can upload an avatar and change your profile details, including your MyAnimeList, Kitsu, AniList, and Anime-Planet username to share your profile to your anime libraries.

If there is anything else you want see added in this guide, leave a reply.