Mastodon Instance for Kireina Yuri is now Live


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We have launched our Mastodon instance for Kireina Yuri. Mastodon is a open-source social networking platform that allows you to create your own social network platform that is federated. It's like Twitter, but outside of corporate control. Given the woes with Twitter in regards to the discontinuation of Stream API with third party apps and other issues with Twitter, you might want to give it a try. If you want to learn more about Mastodon, go to

Our Mastodon instance is currently separate from the forums, but in the future, you will be able to login to the forums using your Mastodon account in the future. Note that this is beta since I am self-hosting this instance on a home server for the time being. Note that this community will focus primarily on yuri or girls club content. However, you may follow other instances if you choose to register with this instance. Currently, this is experimental and the server is is hosted on my own network. Depending on Patreon funding, I might plan to move it to a dedicated VPS.

To join - (You don't need to be a member on this forum to join this instance) and tell your friends by sharing this post.

Presently, the instance is hosted on a VMWare ESXI server that uses a Core i3-3220, 8 GB of RAM and 320 GB HD. The instance itself only has 2GB of RAM and 80 GB of space.

A support forum will become available if anyone have any issues or problems with the instance. We hope to see you there.
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