Building a PC will get More Expensive


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Trump’s Trade War With China Will Drive Up GPU Prices Again

The US and China are currently engaged in an escalating trade war that’s going to start having an impact on semiconductor parts and PC components in the near future. Anyone planning to make purchases may wish to do so sooner rather than later. On September 24, the following goods will be hit with a 10 percent tariff:
Motherboards, graphics cards, storage devices (both SSD and HDD), mice, keyboards, power supplies, CPU coolers, heatsinks, LED fans, chassis, and wireless routers. (The full list is available from the website.)
If the trade war between China and the United States isn’t resolved by January 1, the tariff rates will increase to 25 percent. Items like Apple watches and wigs have managed to win exemptions for their products, but, as Jon Peddie writes, “Add-in board suppliers evidently didn’t contribute enough or hire the right lobbyists.”

Ouch, building a PC is just becoming too expensive besides the insane graphics card prices earlier this year and high RAM prices. I built mine back in 2017 before the mining craze and even got a Vega 56 at a decent price when the mining boom crashed. With those tariffs, anything tech related will be expensive given that some parts come from China. Sure, tech companies might move their manufacturing operations from China to Taiwan, but the material costs. This can explain why the Nvidia RTX cards are ridiculously expensive.

That said, I upgraded my nearly 6 year old 2012 Macbook Pro to a 2018 model, so I am good for a long time.