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Mastodon Integration with Xenforo

It's now possible to register an account or login using a Mastodon account. However, it will only work with accounts from the instance at the moment. Accounts from other instances are not supported at the moment. To login with Mastodon, click login and then the Mastodon button.

Mastodon Instance for Kireina Yuri is now Live

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We have launched our Mastodon instance for Kireina Yuri. Mastodon is a open-source social networking platform that allows you to create your own social network platform that is federated. It's like Twitter, but outside of corporate control. Given the woes with Twitter in regards to the discontinuation of Stream API with third party apps and other issues with Twitter, you might want to give it a try. If you want to learn more about Mastodon, go to

Our Mastodon instance is currently separate from the forums, but in the future, you will be able to login to the forums using your Mastodon account in the future. Note that this is beta since I am self-hosting this instance on a home server for the time being. Note that this community will focus primarily on yuri or girls club content. However, you may follow other instances if you choose to register with this instance. Currently, this is experimental and the server is is hosted on my own network. Depending on Patreon funding, I might plan to move it to a dedicated VPS.

To join - (You don't need to be a member on this forum to join this instance) and tell your friends by sharing this post.

Presently, the instance is hosted on a VMWare ESXI server that uses a Core i3-3220, 8 GB of RAM and 320 GB HD. The instance itself only has 2GB of RAM and 80 GB of space.

A support forum will become available if anyone have any issues or problems with the instance. We hope to see you there.

Changes to Feed Submitting

Forum Rules

The rules are simple and we won't go into detail. If you break them, an infraction point will be added after an initial warning. This is meant to make the community enjoyable for everyone. Except for rule #1, these rules also apply to the Mastodon instance.
  1. Unless it's relevant to the topic, off-topic advertising is not allowed. For blog promotion, you must request your blog to be curated. However, advertising is allowed on the Mastodon instance as long it's not SPAM.
  2. No Nudity, Pornographic or sexually explicit content. This community is PG-13. NSFW content must be stated as such and put in spoiler tags and must not be sexual. Imagery associated with hate movements and groups (e.g. Confederate States, Alt-Right, etc) are prohibited.
  3. If you are sharing artwork, unless you own it, you should credit the artist.
  4. Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, and Hate Speech and abusive behavior such as harassing others, starting flame wars, and internet trolling are not allowed.
  5. Do not link content that is illegal or links to pirated materials that you do not own rights to such as torrents or illegal streaming sites. You may link to legal streaming sites like Crunchyroll.
  6. No spaming. Note that this forum is protected by Akismet and it will remove SPAM automatically. If you believe this is by error, send a PM to staff so we can sort it out.
If you see anyone suspected breaking the rules, please report it. However, do not send a false report just because you do not agree with someone's opinion.

If someone breaks the rules for the first time, a warning will be given. Repeated breaking of the rules will result in infractions that will eventually lead to a temporary or permanent ban. The rules are here to make the community enjoyable for anyone.

Note that the forum rules are a work in progress and may change from user feedback.


Welcome to Kireina Yuri, which is an Anime community that focuses primarily on Japanese media that have Yuri/Lesbian romantic relationships and Girls' Club genre shows. With the growing popularity of Yuri anime in 2018 as more Yuri related anime release such as Citrus and Kase-san with more on the way coming, I wanted to create a community focusing on Yuri and Girls Club, which have some yuri elements, although it doesn't primarily focus on it.

Currently, there is no English Yuri communities that are considered safe to work. In comparison, yaoi have quite a few big communities.

What is Yuri?

It's a Japanese term also known as Girl's Love and the Kanji itself basically means lilly (百合、ゆり) in Japanese. It's a genre of anime and manga that focuses on lesbian relationships or romantic relationships between two women.

Why focus on Girls' Club Genre as well?

Most often or not, this genre of Anime tends to have subtle or noticeable yuri elements, mostly because the cast is mostly or completely female. Some examples are Comic Girls, Slow Start, Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka, and Kiniro Mosaic.

What Forum Software we are using?

I have decided to use Xenforo as the forum software. I have a license for it when I done my first forum attempt, which failed since it didn't have a focus. Xenforo is the leading forum software solution which is used in many communities, including Anime-Planet.

We are using a newer version since it allows us to show a feed of new curated content without an addon. XenForo 2.0 brings Emoji support 👌 and oEmbed support, meaning you can embed Youtube videos and tweets easily as seen below.

How will this forum be moderated?
There will be a hands-off approach meaning that forums won't be moderated heavily, except for when it's needed to resolve intense disagreements, flame wars, trolling and any content that is deemed offensive.

Can I volunteer to moderate this forum?
Currently, I will only grant moderator privileges to people I trust. Later, I will require those who wish to moderate have an established anime or manga related blog.

Will there be a Discord Server?
Eventually, as the community grows.

How can I get my blog featured?
Yes, as long it fits the requirements. On the home page, we show the latest posts from our curated blogs, or Anime blogs that have been approved. See this thread for more details on how you can add your blog. Your blog have to focus some way on the genres we focus on, but it doesn't have to cover it completely. We will also feature blogs that share Yuri creations as well.

Note that we do not publish the whole post and it will link to your actual post. Everyone will be able to search through past blog posts and filter by type.

Do I need to own a blog focusing on Yuri or create Yuri media to post here?
No, everyone is free to join. Note that we focus primarily on yuri and media that have a mostly or all female cast. However, there are forums that allow you to discuss other anime that doesn't fall in these genres.

Can I talk about other LGBT media besides Yuri?
Yes, you can as there is even a forum for it.

My goal is to have at least 30-50 members and a few Patreon supporters. Since we are using Xenforo, which gives us things like automated anti-spam tools and automatic feed importing, allowing for curated content from Yuri and CGDCT related Anime, Manga and Japanese Media related blogs.

Here is what I set out to do
  • Create an Anime Nano replacement, but with an emphasis on Yuri and Girls Club genres. Like Anime Nano, the latest blog posts will be featured on the front page instead of showing the forum index. (DONE thanks to XenForo 2.0 Widgets!)
  • Creating an active safe for work community for Yuri and Girls Club fans to discuss related anime and manga, pairings/shippings, yuri creations and much more.
  • Create a self sufficient community that is supported by the fans through Patreon and without the need for advertisements.
  • The governance of this forum will be democratic.
Right now, it's in the infancy. As we grow, we will eventually move to a domain name for this community, which will use the .moe top level domain. My role is just to provide the infrastructure as I have the technical know-how to manage the server and forum software.

We will eventually be creating a Patreon, which will allow people to support my efforts. If you decide to support us, you will receive special privileges such as a Patrons-only forum.

An official announcement will be made eventually on my blog. Note that we are in the early stages and the appearance and other things are subject to change.

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